For as long as I can remember I’ve explored my curiosity about how structured training and nutrition could help me achieve my goals. Something that has given me extended knowledge and understanding for how to balance life at the same time as you work towards your goals. I’ve applied the same methods to hundreds of clients throughout the years, who not only surpassed their initial goals but also found a better understanding of how to live strong, heathy and look good.

I’m a person who believes that by learning the right habits, you’ll be able to have a strong and healthy body at the same time as you enjoy life with your loved ones! I know that because that’s how I choose to live my life.

Do you want to train safe to stay strong and healthy through your pregnancy?
Or do you want to get back in shape after your pregnancy?

Let me be your online coach and I will coach you with the experiences and knowledge i have aquired through certifications and my own pregnancy. 

Online coaching for Mommy:

Customised pregnancy training

Customised post-pregnancy training & diet